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Whether you’re looking to take the General Training or Academic IELTS exam, upgrade your English language skills, or kickstart your career, IELP has the program(s) to start you on the right path.


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If you need a personalized learning path with clear objectives, such as achieving a 6.5 or higher band score for work, academic or immigration purposes, register today for an ESL / IELTS trial lesson and let’s begin your journey to academic and immigration success!!!

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How I Can Help...

We'll zone in on your specific weaknesses and focus on your language needs.

 IELTS Academic Training

I can help the extent to which you perform the required task and improve how well you formulate and develop an argument, supported by evidence which may be drawn from your own experience, in response to the prompt given question type.

 IELTS General Training

I can help you improve your sentence length and complexity, use of subordinate clauses, and ranges of sentence structures and how you can deploy these features to shift information focus: a significant indicator of grammatical range.

ESL General English

I can help expand your range, accuracy, and appropriate use of vocabulary to confidently get around the gaps in your vocabulary by using alternative words so you don't repeat the exact words by either using synonyms or changing word forms.

ESL Business English

I can help you improve how clearly and fluently your message is communicated. You are graded on your speech rate, and speech continuity via logical sequencing of sentences and the use of cohesive devices are indicators of coherence.

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Your success in IELTS starts here!

It can be challenging to learn the IELTS system on your own. When you study IELTS with Ryan, you have someone by your side who will help you learn the IELTS process, structure, and grading criteria. Ryan has the education, experience, and expertise that can help make your academic and immigration goals a reality.

Affordable Rates

Packages are low cost. You get a quality education without breaking your bank.

Flexible Timings

You can schedule, cancel and rebook your classes that fit your time frame.


Courses are competency based, so you will always get a quality education.
— What I offer 

A Friendly Learning Experience

Our online 1:1 classes and courses are designed to help candidates who cannot join regular ESL & IELTS programs because of their busy schedules. A perfect fit if you need some practice and guidance without committing to a strict schedule. 

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Join Hundreds of Satisfied Students

My husband and I are studying IELTS with Mr. Ryan. His teaching method is really interesting, and he knows how to improve a student's language skills. He 's a professional.

Anargul S., Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Lesson scheduling, payment tracking system...all are easy to manage. Students are very happy from first lesson. This site is helpful for anyone who wants to learn English.

Ahmed H., Doha, Qatar

Ryan seeks to help people by first understanding them and winning their trust. He is dedicated to getting people to the point where they can see the opportunities for a better life.

Mark B., Victoria, BC, Canada

Don't hesitate in taking lessons with Mr. Ryan ! He has a welcoming and courteous personality, and he uses different strategies to ensure that you understand the process in its entirety. Thank you.

Hoda. K., Tehran, Iran

I just got back my IELTS scores. FINALLY GOT IT!! Listening 8.5, Reading 8.5, Writing 6.5, Speaking 7. Thank you again. Would have never done it without your help. Very Grateful.

Sajna K., Kerala, India

We're so impressed with the way you have been handling IELTS classes. Kudos to you and please keep it up. One of the fascinating facts about your teaching is the simplicity and clarity. Thank you

Mai M., Damascus, Syira
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Tailored To Meet Your Needs

We’ve helped individuals like you obtain the training and credentials they need to deliver expert advice and provide quality services. Now it’s your turn to help others.

Gain The Confidence Needed

Tutoring helps improve confidence! Candidates who have a tutor quickly realize that they’re capable of overcoming difficult subject-matter, even from afar. Ryan shows candidates they have what it takes to succeed. Ryan shows candidates they have what it takes to succeed.

Improve Your Language Skills

It can be challenging to learn the IELTS system on your own! When you work with a Ryan, you have someone by your side who will help you learn the material better and ensure you fully understand how each aspect of the grading criteria is assessed. This results in a higher bands score!

Learn The IELST Structure 

Candidates who work with a tutor typically have a more positive attitude about seeking help! Candidates quickly see the genuine value in asking for help and that it’s completely okay. This makes it easier to take advantage of learning opportunities.

Achieve A Higher Band Score

Ryan offers professional test prep tutoring for IELTS candidate of all ages, life stages, and abilities. During your General Training / Academic test prep tutoring classes, candidates will learn how to prepare for each section of the IELTS exam and work towards their goals.

Achieve Your Academic & Immigration Goals!

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We ensure our trainings can deliver value when and how our trainees need—whether that be with the support and guidance of instructors or independently and remotely.
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